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Integration has been a popular discourse among foreign students. The difficulty experienced among international degree students studying in Finland to find internship places and full time employment has been a point in focus. Foreign students are often confined to look outside Finland for employment opportunities having received high-class education. The question on how ready Finnish companies are to attract and retain foreign students still remains unanswered. The dimension of diversity which is closely related with the topic was introduced as well as the social aspects of integration, benefits and barriers to integration of foreign students were also studied. Survey, questionnaires and interviews were used in the research. The results manating from the research showed that Keski-pohjanmaan Kirjapaino Oyj is a proponent of integration of foreign students but more still needs to be done in terms of internship and full-time employment of foreign students. This is only one company out of the numerous indigenous Finnish companies and therefore, more studies need to be carried out on other Finnish companies.In

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